Flavoured Milk Products - Success Stories and the Future

Flavoured milk drinks have been around for many years now. The sector has proved itself to be very resilient. In part, because it has always adapted to the market and changes in consumer tastes and trends. In 2017 Nestlé's Nesquik celebrated its 70th anniversary. It began as a chocolate drink in 1948 with the launch of its strawberry flavour in the 1950s. As a result, Nesquik is now one of the world's most recognised brands. Cocio, the chocolate drink, founded in 1951 is completely iconic in its home country of Denmark. It is more often than not eaten with another Danish staple, the hot dog!

Flavoured Milk Drinks, Market Performance:

Given the current, though somewhat distorted narrative surrounding dairy, it is maybe surprising at just how well the flavoured milk drink category is performing. And is continuing to grow. A milk drink report in 2018 valued the flavoured milk market at £156.7 million over the previous year. The same report looked at flavoured milk brand Yazoo, which accrued an extra 11.5% in value over the previous year, with volumes up a whopping 14.3%. A recent report from Zealinsider.com forecasts "huge growth" in the period 2021 - 2026.

Future Trends

Future trends include introducing new and locally preferred flavours. In the vein of adapting to consumer tastes, brands are adapting to healthier recipes. The government's 'war on sugar' has also had an effect. No added sugar brand variants grew by a staggering 158.6% collectively in 2018. Zealinsider comments that companies are observed to be launching flavoured milk varieties with enhanced functional properties. Moreover, they are offering low-sugar and fat free varieties of flavoured milk products in order to tap into the increased diabetic and health-conscious population. Busier lifestyles and the need for convenience are seeing a move to on-the-go milk flavoured drinks. Younger adults, particularly are moving away from traditional boxed cereals and are looking for a healthy, convenient alternative for breakfast.

My Healthy Kick

My Healthy Kick is launching a new Açai flavoured milk drink. Catering to all current trends consumer demands. There is currently no other Açai flavoured milk drink on the market and Moovit will be bursting with both health and flavour. Milk and the Açai berry are both naturally nutrient dense. The packing is sustainable as are the farming methods used to produce the milk from grass fed cows. The milk drink is a perfect, healthy pick me up for busy adults and hungry/thirsty children and their health conscious parents. To invest in and be part of this exciting new venture.

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