My Healthy Kick Receives Letter of Engagement from Seedrs for £1,200,000 expansion round at Milestone 7

My Healthy Kick is gearing up to raise an investment of £1,200,000 on Seedrs for its expansion round at Milestone 7, with a total of 12 different milestones. My Healthy Kick has appointed Seedrs as the exclusive crowdfunding platform for the purpose of the Engagement on the terms of the Agreement which was finalized and agreed upon between My Healthy Kick and Seedrs.

Investors will soon get updates on the start of this campaign through Seedrs Emails and Social Media platforms. We will also keep you posted on the campaign through our blog and emails.

This engagement with Seedrs has also helped My Healthy Kick in getting Advanced Assurance with HMRC for SEIS/EIS relief.

My Healthy Kick is developing healthy and sustainable Food and Drinks with the help of nutritionists. My Healthy Kick will introduce a range of healthy, tasty, environmentally conscientious vitamin infused drinks and bars. The commercialisation of the above will then be followed by the development and launch of a range of vitamin infused vegetarian meals. This is on the request of one of the world’s leading soft drink manufacturers who has worked closely in the past with one of the core team founders of MHK. Accordingly, MHK has the remit to design and launch Moovit (vitamin infused milk drink) & Chocovit (vitamin infused chocolate bars) and Nibblevit (vitamin infused seed bars).

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