Milk alternative Oatly on a quest to become a $10bn brand

Propelled towards an IPO by “Changing consumer tastes and marketing savvy”.

The oat milk maker is expected to float on the New York Stock Exchange later this year for as much as $10bn. Oatly expects its sales to double this year to $800m. The valuation vastly outperforms the usual multiples paid for food and drink companies of about 3 x revenue.

Although a plant-based milk alternative, the article recognises the point to a shift towards environmentally friendly products, which bodes well for My Healthy Kick as sustainability and responsibility in farming, is at the heart of My Healthy Kick’s ethos.

The current trend for health and wellness is also a positive driving factor for plant based drinks such as Oatly. But as the article also highlights there are questions around the nutritional value of plant milks. “US medical and nutrition groups including the American Academy of Pediatrics have said most children under five should not be given plant based milk because most – apart from fortified soya drinks – lack key nutrients found in milk:”. David Julian Clements, professor of food science at the University of Massachusetts is quoted in the article as saying that dairy milk “has a really good nutritional profile”.

My Healthy Kick’s hero brand Moovit, will be an açai flavoured, nutrient dense milk drink. Milk is literally packed with vital nutrients, such as calcium. phosphorus, B vitamins, potassium and vitamin D. It is also a great source of protein. The nutritional profile of the acai berry is unique as it is high in fat and low in sugar. It has lots of antioxidants and fibre and may improve cholesterol levels and brain function and has even been associated with having a possible anti cancer effect.

Another observation highlighted in the article is that the market for plant milk is really crowded, with “hundreds of brands” piling in.

Moovit, will be a healthy alternative to plant based milk drinks. It will be real dairy, low in sugar, naturally nutrient rich and delicious!

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